Global Backup Analysis/Design/Implementation Project

Another project I am currently working on is a complete re-architecture of a Client’s backup /recovery environment across multiple global sites. This project is in the implementation phase and is progressing nicely. The architecture is based primarily on EMC technology, and includes Networker 8, DD Boost, Networker Clone Controlled Replication, and image level backups of VM’s via VADP. The primary project goals are listed below:

Slide1This project started as a needs-assessment and review of the current backup environments at 4 datacenters spread between the US and Europe. The Client had multiple backup software environments – Networker, TSM, Data Protector, Backup Exec, and each was managed by a different group. One of their main goals was to standardize the backup environment across all 4 of the datacenters and provide centralized oversight into the backup environment, but also allow local resources to handle day-to-day operations.  I helped them develop a solution that provides a consistent hardware and software platform for all their sites, along with a standard deployment with newly crated global standards and operational processes. Now the core IT team at HQ has visibility into the backup status at all of these sites, and can take the appropriate action if a failure occurs, but can let the local IT teams manage the backups.

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