HP EVA Multipathing with vSphere

Situation:I was tasked with upgrading a ESX 3.5 cluster to ESXi 4.1. Since we were switching from ESX to ESXi this requires a clean install. No upgrades are possible. Client had already built a new vCenter 4.1 server. They use an HP EVA 6100 for storage. FC connectivity, with active/active controllers. I tend to prefer Round Robin multipathing for vSphere installs (if supported by the array) so I tasked myself with figuring out the best settings for vSphere and the HP EVA.


  1. With ESX 3.x, HP seems to recommend Fixed multipathing
  2. With ESX 4.x, HP seems to recommend MRU or RR multipathing. RR is probably the better option.
  3. The EVA 6100 I’m working with shows a Fixed config for ESX 3.5 hosts when I analyzed the 3.5 hosts. When the same host is updated to ESX 4.1, the config changes to ALUA and MRU. I then ran the following command to automatically update all datastores from MRU to RR-

More Info: Here’s a couple of posts that I found that were helpful in determining what settings to apply for HP EVA hosts. I don’t typically work with EVA’s too much so they were helpful. Wonder what will happen to the EVA line now that HP has purchased 3Par.



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