Restarting of VMware management agents

OK, so this has been covered a million times, but for my own notes here is how you do it-

For ESX hosts-

  1. SSH to ESX host.
  2. Login, either as root if permitted or as a secondary user. If you login as secondary user, su – up to root.
  3. first command: service mgmt-vmware restart
  4. second command: service vmware-vpxa restart
  5. logout.


For ESXi hosts-

  1. Connect to the console, either directly or through ILO, or DRAC, or KVM tool, or whatever.
  2. Hit F2 to customize system.
  3. Login as root.
  4. Select Restart Management Agents.
  5. Done.

Now what I would like to know is how to accomplish the agent restarts for ESXi without attaching to the console. ILO is slow and cumbersome. Need to find a CLI command that accomplishes the same from the comfort of my fast laptop.

VMware KB article –

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